January 7, 2019

Daniel NEAGU (Daniel NEAGU)

Big data is currently the new commodity empowering Industry 4.0 towards an effective digital economy.
Current developments in data gathering using sensors and data-driven technologies connected through the Internet of Things enable automotive industry among others to join the efforts to process data into information with the aim to extract knowledge and generate intelligent actions. For example the automotive industry invests in big data systems from the car lifecycle, including product development and vehicles in the field to R&D. Consequently the
demand for effective big data processes increases, with challenges derived from both scarcity of effective tools and expertise to issues regarding data quality and model management.
This talk reviews the journey of the Advanced Automotive Analytics (AAA) team at the University of Bradford, with details and examples of recent and current contributions. The team’s vision of the Automotive Analytics Factory as the emerging model for an integration of data, models and tools applied to
the vehicle lifecycle is introduced with references to AAA research projects, publications and events.