Master’s degrees associated to the LACL

Master’s degree “logiciels sûrs” (safe software)

The “logiciels sûrs” master’s degree provides training in software development and teaches participants to discover the tools to prove the adequacy between the code and its formal specification.

Master’s degree “droit du numérique” (law and IT)

The master’s degree “droit du numérique” offers students with a law bachelor to learn about legal tech issues, at the border between digital and law.

ÉPISEN engineering School, Department of Information Systems

The department of Information Systems at ÉPISEN, the UPEC engineering school, offers training for engineers to become managers and experts in Information Systems (project managers, administrators, designer-developers, etc.)

Master’s degree “management des systèmes d’information parcours management de la sécurité des systèmes d’information” (cybersecurity management)

This master’s degree offers the training of cybersecurity specialists, with the particularity of focusing on cybersecurity management in order to complement the technical training that are currently being developed throughout France.