March 9, 2020

Jean Marie Madiot (INRIA Paris)

The bisimulation proof method can be enhanced by employing ‘bisimulations up-to’ techniques. A comprehensive theory of such enhancements has been developed for first-order (i.e., CCS-like) labelled transition systems (LTSs) and bisimilarity, based on abstract fixed-point theory and compatible functions. We transport this theory onto languages whose bisimilarity and LTS go beyond those of first-order models. The approach consists in exhibiting fully abstract translations of the more sophisticated LTSs and bisimilarities onto the first-order ones. This allows us to reuse directly the large corpus of up-to techniques that are available on first-order LTSs. The only ingredient that has to be manually supplied is the compatibility of basic up-to techniques that are specific to the new languages. We investigate the method on the π-calculus, the λ-calculus, and a (call-by-value) λ-calculus with references.

This is a new version of a previous work, joint work with Damien Pous and Davide Sangiorgi, upgraded with shiny new tools in coinduction.