April 12, 2021

Daniele Varacca (LACL)

Alternating bisimulation for Alternating transition systems has been defined by Alur et al. It bears some ressemblence to the well known concept devised by Milner and Park for classical transition systems. The first aim of this work is to make the connection more formal: how can we make them look more similar to each other? Milner’s bisimulation is also a sound (and often complete) proof technique for contextual equivalences. What does “contextual equivalence” mean for alternanting transition systems, when there is no syntax, and therefore no notion of context? We propose an answer to this question, and we show that our version of alternating bisimulation is sound and complete for this generalised notion of contextual equivalence.
This is joint work with Romain Demangeon (LIP6) and Catalin Dima (LACL)

Vidéo de l’exposé