Banach Center, Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
June 22-24, 2010

video Banach Center

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BOVYKIN Andrey (Bristol) - Templates, atlas of unprovability, arithmetically incompatible theories (and how to discover them) video (introduced by Henri-Alex ESBELIN) - video 2

CÉGIELSKI Patrick (Paris 12) - Tree inclusion problems published paper

EBELIN Henri-Alex (Clermont-Ferrand) - Delta-zero-definability of Euclidean algorithm video

FINKEL Olivier (Paris 7) - Infinite computations may be very complex video 1 (with Konrad ZDANOWSKI) - video 2

JEŘÁBEK Emil (Prague) - Approximate counting in bounded arithmetic video 1 - video 2

KOLODZIEJCZYK Leszek (Warsaw) - Sharply bounded induction as a kind of open induction video 1 - video 2

LARA-MARTÍN Francisco-Félix (Seville) - Local versions of the Kreisel-Lévy theorem video

MÜLLER Sebastian (Prague) - Average case separation of propositional proof system video

RESSAYRE Jean-Pierre (Paris 7) - Recollections of PI-2-1-Logic video 1 - video 2

THAPEN Neil (Prague) - Nash equilibrium and bounded induction video

VALARCHER Pierre (Paris 12) - Evolving multialgebras and computational model video

WEIERMANN Andreas (Ghent) - Phase transitions for Gödel incompletness and WQO theory video 1 - video 2

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