Saint Petersburg - Russia
June 5-7, 2017

BEKLEMISHEV Lev - (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia) Reflection calculus and conservativity spectra

BELTIUKOV Anatoly - (Udmurt State University, Izhevsk, Russia) Subrecursive dialectica interpretations for subrecursive realizations

CHOFFRUT Christian - (IRIF, University of Paris 7, France) A note on counting quantifiers

D'AQUINO Paola - (Universita’ della Campania “L. VANVITELLI”, Italy) Roots of exponential polynomials

ESBELIN Henri-Alex - (LIMOS, Université Clermont Auvergne, France) Computable groups of low complexity

GLIVICKÁ Jana - (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic) Nonstandard methods and models of weak arithmetics

GLIVICKÝ Petr - (University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic) Model theory of linear fragments of Peano arithmetic

GUESSARIAN Irène - (IRIF, UMR 8243, Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot, France) Congruence preservation and recognizability (joint work with Patrick CÉGIELSKI and Serge GRIGORIEFF)

KOLODZIEJCZYK Leszek - (Institute of Mathematics, University of Warsaw, Poland) The logical strength of automata theory

KUCHEROV Gregory - (CNRS & Université Paris-Est, Marne-la-Vallée, France) Recent results on combinatorics and algorithmics of repeats in strings

ŁELYK Mateusz - (University of Warsaw, Poland) On the strength of various truth principles

LOUREIRO Manuel José S. - (Lusófona University, Lisbon, Portugal) Lipschitz determinacy for initial levels of the Hausdorff hierarchy in second order arithmetic

MATIYASEVICH Yuri - (St. Petersburg Department of V.A.Steklov Institute of Mathematics, St.Petersburg, Russia) The Four Color Conjecture as a particular case of Hilbert’s tenth problem

OMODEO Eugenio - (DMG/DMI, University of Trieste, Italy) “One equation to rule them all”, revisited (joint work with Domenico CANTONE)

OVCHINNIKOV Denis - (Stevens Institute of Technology, USA) Interpretations by positive existential formulas and the Diophantine-class problems over algebraic structures (joint work with Albert GARRETA and Alexei MIASNIKOV)

PAKHOMOV Fedor - (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia) Gödel’s second incompleteness theorem without arithmetization

SAVELIEV Denis I. - (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia) Hindman’s finite sums theorem and its  application to topologization of algebras

SHAMKANOV Daniyar - (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia) Global neighbourhood completeness of the Gödel-Löb provability logic

SLISSENKO Anatol - (Université Paris-Est Créteil, LACL, France) On entropic measures of computations

SPERANSKI Stanislav - (St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia) On weak monadic second-order definability in some weak arithmetical structures

WCISŁO Bartosz - (University of Warsaw, Poland) Remarks on Lachlan’s theorem

ZAPRYAGAEV Alexander - (Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia) Interpretations in Presburger arithmetic

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