CUNY - New York - USA
July 7-9, 2015

BUSS Sam (University of California, San Diego, USA) - Provably total search problems of second order bounded arithmetic

CORDÓN-FRANCO Andrés (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain) - Defining the standard cut in existentially closed models of arithmetic

GLIVICKÁ Jana (Charles University, Prague) - Expansions of models of Skolem arithmetic

GLIVICKÝ Petr (Charles University, Prague) - Linear fragments of Peano arithmetic

HAMKINS Joel David (CUNY) - The absolute truth about non-absolute truth

JOOSTEN Joost J. (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain) - Two series of formalized interpretability principles for weak systems of arithmetic (joint work with Evan GORIS)

LANGE Karen (Wellesley College) - Representing Scott sets in algebraic settings (joint work with Alf DOLICH, Julia KNIGHT, & David MARKER)

MONIRI Mojtaba (Western Illinois University, USA) - Open Induction and Near-linearity long version published in proceedings

NURKHAIDAROV Ermek (Penn State Mont Alto, USA) - Generic automorphisms in models of Peano Arithmetic

SCHMERL James (University of Connecticut, USA) - Submodel Lattices of Models of TA2 long version published in proceedings

TOMASIK Jerzy (CNRS-LIMOS, Clermont University, France) - Lós synthesis of theories of finite models

TOWSNER Henry (University of Pennsylvania, USA) - Infinite Model Theory in Finite Model Theory long version published in proceedings

VALLATA Luca (University of Trieste, Italy) - On the Diophantine complexity of the set of prime numbers (joint work with Eugenio OMODEO) long version published in proceedings

YOKOYAMA Keita (Japan Advanced Institute of Technology) - Parisís density notion and its infinite variations

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