Gothenburg - Sweden
June 16-18, 2014

BEKLEMISHEV Lev (Steklov Institute, Moscow, Russia) - Arithmetic based on logic without contraction and Goedel's second incompletness theorem

BLANCK Rasmus (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) - Flexible formulae of arithmetic long version published in proceedings

CORDÓN-FRANCO Andrés (University of Seville, Spain) - Local induction axioms vs. local induction rules (Joint work with Francisco Félix LARA MARTÍN)

D'AQUINO Paola (Seconda Universitá di Napoli, Italy) - Recursive saturation from a valuation theoretic point of view

DIMITRACOPOULOS Costas (University of Athens, Greece) - End extensions of models (Joint work with Vassily PASCHALIS)

ESBELIN Alex (Université Blaise Pascal, Clermond-Ferrand, France) - Counting in Δ#N modula matrices monoids

FERREIRA Fernando (University of Lisbon, Portugal) - Weak Arithmetic: Metamathematics (Tutorial)

FERREIRA Fernando (University of Lisbon, Portugal) - (Im)predicavity and Fregean Arithmetic

KOLODZIEJCZYK Leszek (University of Warsaw, Poland) - The problem of a model with no collection and no exponentiation

MARQUER Yoann (Université Paris-Est Créteil) - Algorithmic completness of imperative languages long version published in proceedings

SCHMERL James (University of Connecticut, USA) - Submodel lattices of Nerode semirings

WONG Tin Lok (Kurt Gödel Research Center, Austria) - Understanding BΣ1 + exp via WKL0*

YOKOYAMA Keita (Japan Advanced Institute of Science & Technology) - Use of nonstandard models in reverse mathematics

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