Paris - France
June 20-22, 2011

ADAMOWICZ Zofia - (Warsaw) Various Consistency Statements and Their Behavior in Weak Arithmetics long version published in proceedings

BLUMENSATH Achim - The Monadic Second-Order Transduction Hierarchy

BUSS Sam - (San Diego, USA) Bounded Arithmetic, Local Search, and Local Improvement

BUSS Buss - (San Diego, USA) Limits on Alternation-Trading Proofs for Time-Space Bounds on Satisfiability

COMBASE Joël, Sedki BOUGHATTAS, & Jean-Pierre RESSAYRE - (Paris) A Silver Like Perfect Set Theorem With an Application to Borel Model Theory

CORDÓN-FRANCO Andrés, A. FERNANDEZ-MARGARIT, & Francisco Félix LARA-MARTÍN - (Sevilla, Spain) On the Optimality of a Conservation Theorem of L.D. Beklemishev

CORDÓN-FRANCO Andrés, A. FERNANDEZ-MARGARIT, & Francisco Félix LARA-MARTÍN - (Sevilla, Spain) Conservation Results for Finite Sets of Conditional Sentences

COURCELLE Bruno - (Bordeaux, France) Undecidable Extensions of Monadic Second Order Logic over Words Using Cardinality Set Predicates Relative to Recursive Sets

DIMITRACOPOULOS Costas - (Athens) On a Problem of Jeff Paris (continued)

DUPARC Jacques - (Lausanne, Switzerland) Tutorial: on Mu-Calculus and Tree Automata

KOLODZIEJCZYK Leszek - (Warsaw) Recursive Saturation of the Real Closure as a Tennenbaum-like Property (Joint work with Emil JEŘÁBEK)

LEIVANT Daniel - (Bloomington, USA) The Comprehension Cube

MENGEL Stefan - (Lille, France) Characterizing Arithmetic Circuit Classes by Constraint Satisfaction Problems

MOHSENIPOUR Shahram - (Tehran) On a Recursive Nonstandard Model of Exponential Open Induction

NIWIŃSKI Damian - (Warsaw) On Separation Question for Tree Languages (Joint work with André ARNOLD, Szczepan HUMMEL, & Henryk MICHALEWSKI)

PUDLÁK Pavel - (Prague) On Models of T02

ZDANOWSKI Konrad - (Warsaw) The strength of Ramsey theorem for coloring Omega-large sets (Joint work with Lorenzo CARLUCCI)

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