Fontainebleau - France
June 17-19, 2009

CÉGIELSKI Patrick (Université Paris 12) - Normal form for extended Abstract State Machines published paper

CORDÓN-FRANCO Andrés (Sevilla, Spain) Parameter free Π1-induction and restricted exponentiation

DAWAR Anuj (Cambridge, UK) - Logics for Polynomial Time

DIMITRACOPOULOS Costas (University of Athens) - On a problem of Jeff Paris

ESBELIN Alex (Clermont-Ferrand, France) - Open Problems in Real Numbers Complexity

FINKEL Olivier (Université Paris 7) - Decision Problems for Recognizable Languages of Infinite Pictures long version published in proceedings

LARA-MARTÍN Francisco-Félix (Sevilla, Spain) - A model-theoretic approach to parameter free Π2-induction

SIROKOFSKICH Alla (Crete, Greece) - Decidability of theories of polynomials

ZDANOWSKI Konrad (Paris and Warsaw) - A Tight Lower Bound for Determinization of Transition Labeled Buchi Automata

VALARCHER Pierre (Université Paris 12) - A theorem of representation for primitive recursive algorithms long version published in proceedings

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