Athens - Greece
June 21-23, 2008

BECKMAN Arnold (Swansea) - Definable search problems in bounded arithmetic published paper

CORDÓN-FRANCO Andrés (Sevilla, Spain) A model-theoretic framework for conservation results in arithmetic (joint work with A. FERNÁNDEZMARGARIT & Francisco Félix LARA-MARTÍN) slides - long version published in proceedings

CORNAROS Charalampos (Samos, Greece) - Slices of axioms schemas

DURAND Arnaud (Paris) - Enumeration complexity and first order query problems

ESBELIN Alex (Clermont-Ferrand, France) - Counting the solutions of linear Diophantine equations

KOLODZIEJCZYK Leszek (Warsaw) - The strength of sharply bounded induction requires MSP (joint work with Sedki BOUGHATTAS) published paper

RAMBAUD Alexandre (Paris) -

RESSAYRE Jean-Pierre (Paris) - Models of arithmetic, application to TCS

SIROKOFSKICH Alla (Crete, Greece) - Decidability in a class of subrings of the ring of polynomials over a finite field published paper

THAPEN Neil (Prague) - Bounded arithmetic and search problems

ZDANOWSKI Konrad (Warsaw) - On a question of Andreas Weiermann published paper