Sevilla - Spain
June 11-13, 2007

BOUGHATTAS Sedki - (Université Paris VII) Arithmetics of the real exponential field (joint work with Jean-Pierre RESSAYRE) long version published in proceedings

CORNAROS Charalampos - (University of Athens, Greece) Versions of the Pigeonhole Principle for Increasing Functions

ESBELIN Alex - (Clermont-Ferrand, France) Open problems on Rudimentary predicates

FERREIRA Fernando - (Lisbon) Ideas and results in weak analysis

GRAÇA Daniel - (University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal) Computability Problems for Differential Equations (joint work with N. ZHONG, J. BUESCU, & M. L. CAMPAGNOLO)

GRECH Mariusz - Definable theories in the lattice of equational theories of commutative semigroups

KRAJÍČEK Jan - (Prague) Proof complexity generators

KRAJÍČEK Jan - (Prague) Mathematical Logic

MOSTOWSKI Marcin - (Warsaw, Poland) Finite arithmetics (joint work with M. KRYNICKI & Konrad ZDANOWSKI)

OJAKIAN Kerry - (Lisbon, Portugal) Bounded Arithmetic With Bounded Finite Types

OMODEO Eugenio G. - (University of Trieste, Italy) Self-applied proof verification (joint work with G. D'AGOSTINO, J. SCHWARTZ, & A. TOMESCU)

PUDLÁK Pavel - (Prague) Superexponential computations in exponential domain

RAMBAUD Alexandre - (Mons, Belgium) O-minimality: A Tutorial

RESSAYRE Jean-Pierre - (Université Paris VII) About the history and philosophy of the series of JAF meetings

SIROKOFSKICH Alla - (University of Athens, Greece) On a problem of J. Paris (joint work with Costas DIMITRACOPOULOS)

ZDANOWSKI Konrad - (Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland) On the second order intuitionistic propositional logic without universal quantifier

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