Université Paris XII - Fontainebleau - France
May 26-28, 2005

BRIHAYE Thomas - Model-Checking, bisimulation and word combinatorics

CORDÓN-FRANCO Andrés - On axiom schemes for D(n+1)(T)-formulas

COURCELLE Bruno - On Seese's Conjecture

DE NAUROIS Paulin - The Complexity of Semilinear Problems in Succinct Representation

FINKEL Olivier - Infinite computations and highly undecidable problems

GRIGORIEFF Serge - Infinite computations and Kolmogorov complexities

GRAÇA Daniel - Computing with continuous-time analog circuits

HERMANN Miki - Complexity of Clausal Constraints over Chains

JEŘÁBEK Emil - Hardness amplification in bounded arithmetic

MAKOWSKY Janos - Application of Logic in Combinatorics

MUSCHOLL Anca - Logic with data

NIEHREN Joachim - Querying XML trees by tree automata

PÉCHOUX Romain - Resource analysis by sup-interpretation

RAMBAUD Alexandre -


SELIVANOV Victor - Some Hierarchies and Reducibilities on Regular Languages

TEYTAUD Olivier - Inductive-deductive systems: a statistical learning point of view

TOMASIK Jerzy - Synthesis Theories of Finite Structures of Arithmetics