National Academy of Sciences - Yerevan - Armenia
June 2-5, 2004

BELTIUKOV Anatoly P. - A polynomial Programming Language long version in published proceedings

CÉGIELSKI Patrick - On the additive theory of prime numbers II (joint work with Denis RICHARD & Maxim VSEMIRNOV) published paper - Part of the choice on Google Books - Premiminary version

EBELIN Henri-Alex - Weak arithmetic for functions of exponential size

KHACHATRYAN Mikayel H. - On the representation of arithmetical and string functions in formal languages

KOCHARYAN A. - On-line tessellation automata as a text matching problems solver (joint work with Karine V. SHAHBAZYAN)

LISOVIK Leonid P. - Decidable singular theories of two successor functions with an extra predicate

LYALETSKI Alexander - Evidential paradigm and processing of mathematical texts by SAD system (joint work with P. P. PROTSIK)

MANUKIAN Seda - On the representation of recursively enumerable sets in weak arithmetics

MATIYASEVICH Yuri - Diophantine flavor of Kolmogorov complexity

RESSAYRE Jean-Pierre - Infinite games and finite machines: from large cardinals to computers

SHAHBAZYAN Karine & SHOUKOURIAN Yuri. H. - The finite state recognazability of sequences of integers

ZASLAVSKY Igor D. - Some criteria of completness for axiomatic systems in three-valued logic

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