Euler Institute - Saint Petersburg - Russia
June 7-9, 2002

AZHIMOVA Tatiana (read by BELTIUKOV Anatoly) - (Udmurt University, Russia), Multidomain algebra of Database with ER-model

BELTIUKOV Anatoly - (Udmurt University, Russia), Constructive Second Order Weak Arithmetic with Extracting Polynomial Time Algorithms

BENDOVÁ Kamila - (Charles University, Prague), Theory with Multiplication and Ordering as a Theory of N

CORNAROS Charalampos & DIMITRACOPOULOS Constantin - (University of Aegean & University of Athens, Greece), A Note on End Extensions

ESBELIN Henri-Alex - (Clermont-Ferrand, France), Modular Exponential in Recursive and Weak Arithmetic Complexity Classes

ETEREVSKY Oleg & VSEMIRNOV Maxim - (Saint-Petersburg), On the Number of Prime Divisors of Higher-Order Carmichael Numbers

GELFAND Mikhail - (Moscow, Russia), Computational Biology

KOSSOVSKI Nikolai & KOSSOVSKAYA Tatyana - (Saint-Petersburg), On Complexity of Decidability of Constant Modulo Arithmetic

KUCHEROV Gregory - (Nancy, France), Repetitions in Genomes

LISOVIK Leonid & KOVAL Dmitry - (Kiev university, Ukraine), The Class of Continuous Functions Given by Strict Finite R-transducers is not too Simple

POLLETT Chris - (San Jose State University), On the Bounded Version of Hilbert's Tenth Problem published paper: Archive for Mathematical Logic. Vol. 42. No. 5. 2003. pp. 469--488

RESSAYRE Jean-Pierre & BOUGHATTAS Sedki - (Équipe de Logique, université Paris VII), Bootstrapping

SHAKHBAZYAN Karine & SHOUKOURIAN Yuri - (Academy of Sciences of Armenia), Logically Definable Languages of Computations in one Class of Flow Event Structures

SHLAPENTOKH Alexandra - (East Carolina University, USA), Existential Definability with Bounds on Archimedean Valuations

SLISSENKO Anatol & BEAUQUIER Danièle & RABINOVICH Alexander - (Université Paris XII - Israel), A Logic of Probability with Decidable Model-checking

TROESTLER Christophe - (Mons-Hainaut University, Belgium), Equivalence of Scalar and Vector recursion for BSS Machines