LLAIC - université d'Auvergne Clermont-Ferrand - France
December 8-9, 2000

BOUGHATTAS Sedki - (Équipe de Logique, université Paris VII), Models of integers built from non-standard reals

CÉGIELSKI Patrick - (Université Paris XII), On the amplitude of intervals of natural numbers whose every element is coprime with no extremety published paper

CHÂTEAU Annie - (Université Clermont 1), Using destinies for effective decision in weak arithmetical theories with a bounded number of variables long version published in proceedings

D'AQUINO Paola - (University Naples 2, Italy), Around quadratic reciprocity law in fragments of arithmetic

DURAND Arnaud - (Université Paris XII), Reductions for counting complexity classes

FINKEL Olivier - (Université Paris VII), Non Borel context free Omega language long version published in proceedings

HACHAÏCHI Yassine - (Université Paris XII), Descriptive complexity approach to problems in LinH long version in published proceedings

LORYS Krzysztof - (University of Wroclaw, Poland), Rectangle Tiling

LYGEROS Nik - (Université Lyon 1, France), N consecutive primes in arithmetic progression

PORTIER Natacha - (ENS Lyon, France), Can the derivative of a polynomial be computed quickly?

VSEMIRNOV Maxim - (Steklov Institute, St Petersburg, Russia), Coding problems in number theory