CUNY Graduate Center - New York (USA)
November 19-21, 1999

ADAMOWICZ Zofia - (Warsaw University, Mathematics Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences), An application of a reflection principle

AVIGAD Jeremy - (Carnegie-Mellon University), Sheaf semantics and nonstandard intuitionistic arithmetic

BECKMAN Arnold - (University of California, San Diego), Proving consistency of equational theories in bounded arithmetic

CÉGIELSKI Patrick & RICHARD Denis - (LACL, université Paris XII & LLAIC1, université d'Auvergne), What are the Weak Arithmetics? published paper - preliminary version

BUSS Samuel - (University of California, San Diego), Complexity, Cryptography and Bounded Arithmetic

FRIEDMAN Harvey - (The Ohio State University), Large cardinals and discrete mathematics

MARGENSTERN Maurice - (Université de Metz, IUT, France), On computation models

RESSAYRE Jean-Pierre - (Équipe de Logique, université Paris VII), Iterations of o-minimal functions

SCHMELING Michael - (Équipe de Logique, université Paris VII), Fields of transseries with super-exponential functions

SIMPSON Steve - (Pennsylvania State University), New directions and recent results in reverse mathematics