May, 21-23 1997

ADAMOWICZ Zofia - (Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland), On Tableau consistency in weak theories

BEKLEMISHEV Lev - (Steklov Institute, Moscow, Russia), On parameter-free induction schemata

BELTIUKOV Anatoly - (Izhevsh University, Russia), Theories with subrecursively realizable theorems: New results in initial subrecursive classes

BÈS Alexis - (Équipe de Logique, Paris VII), On results of Michaux and Villemaire

CÉGIELSKI Patrick & GRIGORIEFF Serge & RICHARD Denis - (Université Paris XII, Université Paris VII, LLAIC1, Université d'Auvergne), On elementary theories of natural numbers equipped with Cantor pairing function published paper

DUPARC Jacques - (CNRS-URA 753, Équipe de Logique, Paris VII), Computer science and the fine structure of Borel sets published paper

ESBELIN Henri-Alex - (LLAIC1, Université d'Auvergne), New closure property of the counting of rudimentary relations and the hierarchy

ESPEL-LLIMA Roger - (LLAIC1, Université d'Auvergne), One can count modulo n within the structure (N, + , Vk)

GUILLAUME Marcel - (LLAIC1, Université d'Auvergne), Simplified models establishing some of Nézondet's results on the Erdös-Woods conjecture and related statements

KOREC Ivan - (Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovaquie), Arithmetical operations strongest with respect to the first order definability revised version in published proceedings

KOSSOVSKI Nikolaï & TISHKOV Artem - (St Petersburg University, Russia), Weak theory of linear inequalities with integer coefficients and variables

MAES Arnaud - (Université de Mons, Belgique), Morphisms and almost-periodicity

MARGENSTERN Maurice - (LRIM, Université de Metz), On quasi-unilateral universal Turing machines long version published in proceedings

MARION Jean-Yves & LEIVANT Daniel - (INRIA, Université de Nancy, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA), Predicate functionals and poly-space

MATIYASEVICH Yuri - (Steklov Institute, St Petersburg, Russia), Bounding the existential variables after the elimination of a bounded universal quantifier

MUSCHOLL Anca - (Stuttgart University, Germany), Coding problems for trace monoids

TEYTAUD Olivier - (LLAIC1, Université d'Auvergne), Decidability of the halting problem for Matiiassevitch deterministic machines long version published in proceedings

VERCHININE Konstantin & RUDENKO Volodimir - (Université Paris XII, Ukraine), Two proof methods for two three-valued modal logics

VSEMIRNOV Maxim - (Steklov Institute, St Petersburg, Russia), On n-tupling polynomials of small degrees