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I'm Sabrina Ouazzani, "ATER" in Computability

I am currently ATER (one year research and teaching assistant position) in the Paris-Est Créteil University. I teach in the Sénart-Fontainebleau University Institute of Technology in Sénart and do my research in the LACL laboratory.

Here is my curriculum.


sabrina.ouazzani (at)

Lacl,office P2-218


I defended my PhD "From algorithmics to logics through infinite time computation" in December 2016 in Montpellier in the LIRMM laboratory. I mainly worked on the structure of gaps in the clockable ordinals of infinite time Turing machines and their links with admissible ordinals.

I'm interested in links between theoretical computer science and logic.

Key words:

  • computation models, Turing machines
  • infinite time, ordinals
  • admissibility, constructible hierarchy
  • Turing degrees


  • [To appear in LNCS, proceedings of CiE 2018] Merlin Carl, Sabrina Ouazzani and Philip Welch, Taming Koepke's zoo.
  • [Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Proceedings of the Computability in Europe 2017] Merlin Carl, Bruno Durand, Grégory Lafitte and Sabrina Ouazzani, Admissibles in gaps.
  • [PhD defended in December 2016] From algorithmics to logics through infinite time computation.
  • Infinite Time Turing Machines = Continuous Ordinary Differential Equations, with Olivier Bournez (Polytechnique)
  • Cheap Non-standard Analysis and Computability, with Olivier Bournez (Polytechnique)

For more information about infinite time computability:



  • Computing to the infinite with Ordinary Differential Equations The tenth scandinavian logic symposium, Gothenburg (Sweden), June 18
  • Computing to the infinite with Ordinary Differential Equations ALGORITHMIC QUESTIONS IN DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS, Toulouse (France), March 18
  • Infinite time Turing machines: what about gaps in the clockable ordinals? Third Nordic Logic Summer School, Stockholm (Sweden), Aug 2017
  • Infinite time Turing machines, an introduction to gaps. Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS) Graduate Summer School in Logic, Singapore, Jul 17
  • A brief story of gaps in the infinite time Turing machines. Bristol Logic Seminar, University of Bristol (England), May 17
  • A mixture of computability and ordinals, the infinite time Turing machines. Konstanz Women in Mathematics (KWIM) Lectures Series, Konstanz University (Germany), April 17
  • Let's compute through infinite time! MC2 team seminar LIP ENS Lyon, CANA team seminar LIF Aix-Marseille University, LACL laboratory seminar Paris-Est Créteil University, Jan 17 -- CRIL laboratory seminar Artois University (Lens), Feb 17 -- LIFO laboratory, Computabilites Days and New Words of Computation workshops (Orléans), April 17
  • Some ordinal time algorithmics, Computabilities days, Nice, April 16
  • Ordinal time computation: a presentation, School of the GDR IM, Strasbourg, April 16
  • Introduction aux machines de Turing à temps infini , Algebra and Topology seminar, IMAG, Montpellier, September 2015
  • Temps de non calcul des machines de Turing à temps infini, Eco-Escape seminar, Lirmm, Montpellier, June 2015

Science popularization (for non computer scientists):

  • Poster Machines de Turing à temps infini, Doctiss (PhD students conference of the I2S Graduate school), Montpellier, June 2015
  • Introduction aux machines de Turing à temps infini, Semindoc (PhD students seminar), Lirmm, Montpellier, May 15


In the Paris-Est Créteil University (upec),


  • Discrete Mathematics, lectures-tutorials, Sénart IUT
  • Linear Algebra, lectures-tutorials, Sénart IUT
  • Analysis, lectures-tutorials, Sénart IUT
  • Databases, lectures-tutorials-practical work, Sénart IUT

In the Montpellier University (UM, former UM2),


  • Graph algorithms, tutorials/practical work(C++) L3 UM
  • Information systems and databases, tutorials/practical work(Oracle) L2 UM



  • Logic (basic concepts), tutorials/practical work(Ocaml), L2 UM2
  • Algorithmic and data structures, tutorials/practical work(C) L2 UM2 (tutorial exam )


  • Basic concepts in computer science (C2I), practical work L1 UM2

2013-2015, replacements:

  • Computation models, tutorials L1 UM2
  • Algorithmic information theory, tutorials M1 UM2
  • Computability, tutorials M1 UM2



June-July 2015: Internship supervision of Guilhem Marion, L2 (discovering of computability)

Nov-Dec 2014: Supervision of the organisation of the doctors/PhD students meeting of the "école doctorale I2S"

Organisation of scientific events

2017- : Transfinite computations (TraC) special group of interest of the association Computability in Europe, please contact me to be added to the mailing-list :).

October 2017: Involved in the organisation of the Interdisciplinary Symposium On the Infinite in the Institut Henri Poincaré (Paris).

2014-2015: Organisation of the PhD students workshop of the Lirmm, where PhD students present their work, and semidocti days, bi-annual fun and science popularization days for everybody

April 2014: Organisation of the Computability days 2014


Dec 2014-Feb 2016: Elected in the PhD students council of the Lirmm. Head of the council from May 2015 to Feb 2016. The aim of the council is to provide support, mediation and prevention in all problems the PhD students can encounter in their workplace, bring forward their needs to the direction, and animate the social student life of the lab. Contact: conseil-doctorants ( at ) Tricks for the daily life of a lirmmian: Lirmm's wiki.

Nov 2014-Mar 2016: Representant of computer science PhD students in the "école doctorale I2S"