Install Ubuntu 12.04 on X1 Carbon

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  [ wifi fix]
  [ wifi fix]
*Some freezes now...
*Some freezes now... trying 12.10 32 bit
[[Category:x1 carbon]]
[[Category:x1 carbon]]

Revision as of 10:31, 15 December 2012

Fresh installation of Ubuntu 12.04.1 64 bits on X1 Carbon.

Installation was fast, with no error / difficulty.

  • Not working: fingerprint reader.
  • Right-click on touchpad:
option 1: mac-like 2 finger tap, this is new to me :o
option 2: tap on bottom right edge of the touchpad, too tiny :o
  • Battery life: not so good, around 3h of internet surfing and doing daily tasks.
  • Fix for wifi after suspend/reusme:
wifi fix
  • Some freezes now... trying 12.10 32 bit
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