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Once upon a time, when I was about seven years old, I had my first chance to learn to read music notes and sing them out loud. What a funny class it was, our teacher could introduce us some basic notions though he almost didn't take his eyes off some novels :|

Two or three years latter, papa gave me a guitar that was somewhat too big for me:D


I was so happy with it. I began to learn guitar with a skillful teacher. My teacher Nguyen Van Phuc was one of the most famous guitarist at the time :)~ At every class, I waited to hear him play. It was kind of sweet guitar music :D To tell you the truth, I couldn't learn much from him after one year (or some months, I can't recall now), but it was a good memory! It seems that a friend, [Phuong keu], had the same guitar teacher :D And Phuong keu learned clearly much more than I could.

... As time went by, I passed good memories and good memories, but couldn't improve my tech:P

In 1997, I had an occasion to spend one year in Japan. It was a special year without any study mission, not like any year else I had passed before. I had free time to do what I wanted. I had time to use computer at my school in Japan, to create meaningless programs, to jog in park with [Otoosan] of my host family... It was a beautiful day when Otoosan and Okaasan gave me an [Yamaha guitar] and two guitar books. Wow, wow and wow, I was so surprised and joyfull :D From this day on, my free time in Japan was used to practice guitar. I love these two guitar books, all score arrangements are really clear, and for the first time, my guitar tech was improved a little bit :D

Now, when I am [in Paris], I play guitar [occasionally]. Playing guitar makes me feel good, but it sometimes keeps me, and possibly also my neighbors, from sleeping, when I play late at night :D

Woohooo, my [Alhambra 7p] arrived!!!
It's so wonderful yeah yeah...

For all guitarists I love: Segovia, Julian Bream, John Williams,... Dung ruoc, Phuong keu,...

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