Villa Finaly - Florence - Italy
May 28-30, 2018

CERVELLE Julien - (Paris 12) Study of stepwise simulation between ASMs [Joint work with Patrick CÉGIELSKI] slides

CORNAROS Charalampos - (Samos, Greece) Products of primes in weak systems of arithmetic slides

DIMITRACOPOULOS Costas - (Athens) End extensions of models of fragments of PA [Joint work with Vasileios PASCHALIS] slides

FINKEL Olivier - (Paris VII) Polishness of some topologies related to automata [Joint work with Olivier CARTON and Dominique LECOMTE] slides

GLIVICKÁ Jana - (Prague) Models of arithmetics with linear induction

GLIVICKÝ Petr (Prague) Fermatís last theorem and Catalanís conjecture in arithmetics with weak exponentiation slides

GUREVICH Yuri - (Ann Arbor, USA) LOGIC in computer science, computer engineering and mathematics slides

KIRBY Laurence - (Baruch College, CUNY) Bounded finite set theory slides

ŁELYK Mateusz - (Warzaw) How useful are pure compositional axioms for the truth predicate?

OMODEO Eugenio - (Trieste, Italy) Further reflections on candidate ďrule-them-all" Diophantine equations [Joint work with Domenico CANTONE] slides

PAKHOMOV Fedor - (Steklov Institute, Moscow) Weak Set Theories and Δ0-Collection

PIN Jean-Éric - (Paris VII) Regular languages, profinite topologies and weak arithmetic slides

STARCHAK Mihail - (Saint Petersburg) Two Classes of Basic Divisibility Families from NP

VALARCHER Pierre - (Paris 12) Primitive recursion and algorithmically-completeness for Primitive Recursive Class of functions [Joint work with Patrick CÉGIELSKI, Julien CERVELLE, & Serge GRIGORIEFF] notes

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